Red-rock canyons, grassy fields that lead to impressive waterfalls, rivers, and caves, dotted with tranquil colonial towns, all which combine perfectly to compose what is the gorgeous Chapada Diamantina. Located in the heart of Bahia State, this 1,521 square kilometers National Park is the ultimate paradise for intrepid travelers, offering a plethora of outdoor activities, allied with mouth-watering Bahian culinary delights. Lençóis is the main city to discover the hidden gems of Chapada Diamantina, and while strolling through its stone-paved streets, you will stumble upon no shortage of charming restaurants and bars.


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  • Enjoy challenging trails framed by breathtaking landscapes followed by a delicious picnic with a fresh coffee from the region;
  • Have famous natural attractions privatized just for you;
  • Observe the mysterious night sky with the help of an astrologist during an open-air dinner.